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About The Whisk and Pickle
Thanks for checking out our page, I am Chris and I am a professional chef and the co founder of the Whisk And Pickle together with my partner Kelly. Living our dream since 2018

The Dough
We make all our own dough using only the best Italian 00 flour, yeast and salt. It is then left to slowly ferment for a minimum of 24 hours. This process makes it much lighter and easier to digest, allows the dough to develop flavour, and creates those lovely leopard spots on our crusts.

 The Pizzas
We make awesome Neapolitan style pizzas, This style comes from Naples, the capital of pizza in Italy. Our pizzas are all hand stretched creating a thin base with a soft puffy crust and topped with fresh high quality ingredients.

The Toppings
We pride ourselves on using the finest quality ingredients to make all our pizzas. Our tomato sauce is made using Italian tomatoes which are crushed with olive oil, oregano and salt. Our cheese is a quality cows milk mozzarella, and all of our charcuterie is British and local where possible and Italian where not.
We make our own confit garlic oil which gives even our simplest pizza “Marinara” the most exceptional flavour.

But we have plenty of other chefs tricks up our sleeves too!

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